How to Download ShowBox on PC

Are you so much stressed up in your work that you are not able to watch the latest episodes of The Big Bang Theory on TV? Or you are dying to watch the latest USA movies, but you are not able to get the tickets as the movie theaters are houseful?

Do not get frustrated as you can still enjoy them and that too at your own time. Just get the application Showbox on your device, and you will be able to watch your favorite shows without much hindrance.


Latest Releases Within Your Reach

Do you think that to watch the latest releases you need to wait for a month or so?

Well, the application of Showbox for PC will surely not let you wait. It updates regularly so that you can get to watch the latest released movies, also whenever you feel like doing so.

Not just the new movies, you can search for your favorite movies anytime based on different options such as the year of release, genres, actors and many others.

You can either buffer the movie to watch it online or can also download it to watch later. Do not have much space on your device, but are not able to see the movie at the moment? Bookmark it, and you will be able to get it at the time when you get free.

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Apple Incorporated ranks amongst the most innovative technological companies in the world.  It is a well-recognised brand in more than 40 countries. Its products have a very strong presence in the United States where the brand originates from and China, where its many products are being sought after most especially by the Chinese younger population.

The Apple brand has always been in strong competition with Samsung, its closest rival. The Apple iPhone and iPad, two of its main products have gone through a lot of changes in the past decade which has ushered in sleek, trendy and highly advanced technological phones and tablets. One of such innovations is the recently released Apple Red iPhone which is available in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Apple Incorporated has been a long contributor to the Global Fund to combat AIDS. Apple has been running a RED campaign to fight HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa since the past decade. Same period its product has witnessed rapid innovations.

Countries benefitting from these contributions to combat AIDS are Ghana, Rwanda, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. Part of the money realised from the sale of the Apple RED iPhones goes into this Global Fund. Over $130 Million have been raised so far for the Global Fund through the sale of these RED iPhones. These phones come in beautifully new red matt aluminum finish. This new RED iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus are both masterpieces! They are the most advanced iPhones ever.

Advanced in every of its features


Advanced in the capacity to shoot incredible photos, coupled with the best battery life span ever created in an iPhone. It comes with a high tech immersive stereo speaker, with an enlarged colour system from camera.

This features come all in a water and dust resistant design.

The operating system is IOS 10 which brings about an interesting and lively way to interact with the various icons, apps, maps, photos, music, news, messages and so on. The price is between $749(US) and $969(US) and is available in 128GB and 256GB models.

The 128GB starts from $749(US).

Other new products which will be available for customers to purchase year round include the full range of the iPod line of products, Beats Solo 3 Wireless, On-ear Head Phones, Beats Pill +portable speaker, the iPhone 7 smart battery cases and a variety of accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Another Apple new product is the iPhone SE, which is the most powerful! It has a 4-inch display and comes in 32GB and 64GB models at a starting price of $399(US) .

With the Apple’s iPhone upgrade, customers in countries like China and the US can unlock their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus (PRODUCT) RED products. Customers will also be allowed to upgrade to a new phone every year, which is available online at or in Apple stores in the US with a monthly payment of $37(US) for the 128GB model.

Also through the iPhone Trade-up, customers can trade in own smart phones and used the money realised to add to the purchase of a new phone. Another added new service to customers who buy iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus (PRODUCT) RED special edition or iPhone SE is that a free personal set up will be offered to them to enable them customise their iPhones.

Customers can also register for free workshop at every Apple store to learn the basics or go further with their new iPhone. The Apple brand has a varied of new products. The Apple brand has come to stay as the most innovative technological company.

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The interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that has been with us close to almost a century now. It is an automated telephony system that allows the computer interact with humans through the use of voice. It directs the caller either to use self- service or speak to an agent when customers call to seek information from an organisation. The history of the IVR and speech recognition dates back almost a century ago, which used the English language to produce synthetic speech through artificial intelligence.  This prompted many organisations to become aware of the importance of having a call center.

But the cost of setting up one that will employ many employees was high during this period. The experiences encountered by most customers who use the IVR is one of dislike.  A lot of IVR used by most companies do not make use of the full capabilities of this technology. They usually limit the use of these IVRs to basic route calling like “press 1 “. This results in low containment rate of about 38%. Customer care cost can be reduced with the containment rate goes higher. Services rendered by the IVRs can be basic call routing, Outbound IVR or Inbound self-service.

The IVR helps organisations in retrieving information, conference solution, to ascertain order status, used in telephony survey, as a virtual receptionist, voice verification and so on. It usually increases efficiency and reduce cost for organisation if the full capabilities are utilised. The uses of IVRs on a wider scale go from improving company’s image, to excellence in handling high call volumes. It also directs the caller to the right agent or department, and prioritizes customer calls in respect of high-value customer. The customer support can be automated using IVRs, where the IVR messages and prompts can be configured in a personalised manner.


The uses of IVRs on a wider scale go from improving company's image, to excellence in handling high call volumes. It also directs the caller to the right agent or department, and prioritizes customer calls in respect of high-value customer.

The customer support can be automated using IVRs, where the IVR messages and prompts can be configured in a personalised manner. The IVR collects information about each caller and directs the caller to the most appropriate department. The IVR can be personalised with programmed information about the customer, like the customer's name. They can also be programmed with different languages which enables the customer select the language he or she is comfortable in interacting with. This makes the customer feel comfortable while using it.

Customers can access the company’s services at any time since IVRs are programmed to function 24/7. Even doing holidays or after office hours a customer who wants to access service can do so without hindrance. This usually leads to better customer satisfaction. Many companies now employ IVR technology to better manage its customers’ calls.

This technology has become a cost effective way in which many companies can now manage its daily interactions with its customers in a more efficient way.

More and more companies are deploying the IVR technology daily and the future of IVR is one that is filled with so many possibilities in bringing about more capabilities of these IVRs and speech recognition.

Computers can be used to gather information in the form of input. This input grows as more and more information are gathered. The computer can also process this information and transmit it to an output.
The human brain does something similar.

It gathers information through learning. As the human brain continues to learn, the brain grows. This information are processed and transmitted when we apply what we have learnt to solve problems or perform different tasks.

The computer transmits information through the binary system (“on” and “off”) Whereas the human brain transmits information through the use of chemicals known as neurons.